Collection, analysis and presentation of geographic information have always been an important asset for individuals and organizations. The efficient management and use of spatial information have a central role in the management and control of real-estate and property. The recent decades have introduced a variety of new technologies in all areas of spatial information, from measurements and data collection to storage, management, analysis and production of accessories of this information. MEDVA Group was established in 1999 through a merger of veteran surveying firms and professionals in the fields of aerial mapping, photogrammetry, GIS, project management and more. This combination of rich experience with new technologies and control of various professional domains has turned MEDVA Group to an entity which enables solutions to a range of needs in various mapping areas - all under one roof.

MEDVA Group was founded by five partners: Mr. Arie Fishman, Mr. Shimon Wharzager, Mr. Eytan Zimran, Mr. Ashot Magakian and Mr. Motty Eliyahu.

The Group consists of four companies:

MEDVA Ltd. MEDVA company operates in Israel and specializes in engineering surveys, photogrammetry and aerial photography, land registration , control network surveys, tracking buildings’ subsidence, measurements for reconstruction and preservation of historic buildings and legal reviews.

MEDVA-GIS Ltd. The company coordinates all the GIS activities of the Group: characterization and construction of spatial databases, characterization, setup, training and maintenance of geographic information systems (GIS), development and sales of web-based GIS for different purposes and development of mobile spatial applications.

M.D.V.I.A. Ltd. An international company engaged in providing management solutions for large and complex spatial projects. The company specializes in the characterization of projects and adapting solutions to support their management and the coordination between various participants in the project. The company has created a Web-GIS based platform for long term management of large, daily updated projects.

M.D.V.I.A. (Angola) Lda. Based in Angola, the company has a team composed of international experts and local workers, trained for a variety of roles. The company specializes in providing quick and original solutions to extreme situations in remote areas, especially for projects in the oil industry. The company also specializes in logistics, execution and monitoring of geo-seismic projects, depth excursions for different needs and assessment and analysis of risk related to explosive remnants of war.
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MEDVA Group’s strength stems from the variety of capabilities, rich experience, deep and extensive knowledge, and the Group's ability to harness its capabilities, in whole or in part, at every given moment to provide the customer a comprehensive, quick, sustainable and high quality solution. Visit our Group’s websites for full details on the companies.